[testimonial_slider autorotate=””] [testimonial name=”The Globe and Mail” quote=”Ayre is a perfect and tremendously satisfying example of cultural transcendence.” id=”t1″] [testimonial name=”barczablog” quote=”The stars aligned with this project… Miriam’s authenticity is palpable, whether in the romantic songs or the call to uprising.” id=”t2″] [testimonial name=”Schmopera” quote=”Khalil’s performance is stunning, and to hear her sing Golijov’s work adds a new level of admiration for her versatility.” id=”t3″] [testimonial name=”Opera Ramblings” quote=”This performance was that rare thing that raises the hairs on the back of your neck.” id=”t4″] [testimonial name=”The Globe and Mail” quote=”An evening of power and resonance, the kind of which deep memories are fashioned.” id=”t5″] [testimonial name=”Opera Going Toronto” quote=”Shocking, brilliant, thrilling. It’s all conquering, a concert production of major importance, a flawless synchronicity of music and theatre.” id=”t6″] [testimonial name=”Opera Going Toronto” quote=”Miriam Khalil is spellbinding, her voice at turns lustrous and radiant, savage and snarling.” id=”t7″][testimonial name=”Schmopera” quote=”Like the whole audience, I was suspended in this stasis of stirred emotion — the repercussions of which were felt long after the final bows were taken.” id=”t8″] [/testimonial_slider]


Invited by Ivany to address the audience on opening night, the shy, softspoken composer Osvaldo Golijov remarked, eyes twinkling, “Nations play a lot of different roles in history. Conflicts, they stay the same. Only the actors are different.”

By promoting Golijov’s vision of culture as a permeable wrapper, Against the Grain Theatre has injected a much needed dose of optimism into these uncertain times. Ayre is filled with spirit, soaring, crushed, defiant. But hope like Golijov’s music has a way of insinuating itself into the soul. We need to hear the message. Now more than ever.

—Ian Ritchie


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