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Meet the contestants of A Little Too Cozy

Who’s on A Little Too Cozy?

Meet the final four contestants and read their interview with Schmopera.


Tenor Aaron Sheppard performs the role of Fernando (Ferrando). #TeamDora

Occupation: Day trader

Aaron Sheppard


Mezzo-soprano Rihab Chaieb performs the role of Dora (Dorabella). #TeamDora

Occupation: Social media strategist

Rihab Chaieb


Baritone Clarence Frazer performs the role of Elmo (Guglielmo). #TeamFelicity

Occupation: Market analyst

Clarence Frazer


Soprano Shantelle Przybylo performs the role of Felicity (Fiordiligi). #TeamFelicity

Occupation: Ad agency accountant

Shantelle Przybylo