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Preparing for this reimagined production of Bluebeard’s Castle meant we had a lot of learning about dementia to do. 📚 Luckily, we were able to partner with some folks at Rare Dementia Support Canada, who are supporting us in many ways, but one of their greatest gifts was providing us with resources for developing our understanding of dementia and the many disease that fall under this umbrella term.

Another great resource they provide is guidance on how to support a friend or family member living with dementia! Check out some of the advice we found useful, below.

How to be friend to someone living with dementia

🏰 Social outings may need to be shorter or closer to home. Plan activities with them that accommodate that.


🏰Be open and honest about feelings. Acknowledging the losses on both sides allows you to support each other.


🏰Learn more. You can attend one of the RDS Canada diagnosis-specific support groups to learn more about the specific diagnosis and gain professional advice and knowledge.

Want more? Click on the link below to see the advice Rare Dementia Support Canada has on relationships and living with Dementia💥
Learn More

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Showing March 29th at 7:30 PM, March 31st at 7:30 PM, and April 1st at 1:30 PM

Tickets are moving quickly, so don’t miss your chance to catch this poignant and intimate reimagination of Bartók’s masterpiece.

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