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AtG TV is your AtG online fix. We have been having a great time learning how to digitize opera, and we want to share our adventures with you (we’ve also always wanted to have a TV channel).

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Take a look at Against the Grain Theatre’s past and present digital projects!

Identity: a Song Cycle (Premiere’s October 23rd, 2022)

Exploring one’s journey to embrace multiple and shifting identities.

In collaboration with genre-bending composer Dinuk Wijeratne and acclaimed poet Shauntay Grant, AtG and Madore will present a song cycle that sets new and original Canadian poetry to music that fuses classical music with an array of influences.

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Messiah/Complex (December 2020)

Against the Grain Theatre’s daring new interpretation of Handel’s Messiah is a truly cross-Canada performance — in Arabic, Dene, English, French, Inuktitut, and Southern Tutchone, and accompanied by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Filmed against iconic Canadian landscapes, Messiah/Complex features twelve soloists and four choirs representing every province and territory across the country.

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Requiem (November 2021)

Against the Grain Theatre is proud to partner with the Canadian Opera Company for this multidisciplinary filmed production of Mozart’s powerful, enduring piece.

A requiem’s melody is meant to ease the path of departed souls to a restful place… guiding those souls to a state of repose.  Requiem is our way of honouring those who have been lost throughout the pandemic, as well as paying tribute to the sense of hope, resilience and communal purpose we have discovered and continue to share with each other during this challenging era.

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BOUND (March 27th – May 8th, 2022)

Four life stories that challenge Canada’s myth of belonging are tied together by themes in Handel’s enduring music, a stellar cast of voices and in association with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Crow’s Theatre.

BOUND is about the transformational experiences of our four storytellers. These non-fiction narratives undergo their own transformation in the film—shape-shifting from interview segments exploring their lived experiences into melody and song.

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Sāvitri (June 2021)

Based on the ancient Hindu Legend from The Vana Parva (The Book of the Forest) of the  Mahābhārata. A contemporary 40-minute film of the outdoor chamber opera by Gustav Holst.

A powerful female princess falls in love and marries exiled prince Satayavān, who is prophesied to die just one year later. As fated, Sāvitri is visited by the God of Death—Yama—who has come to claim Satyavān’s life. However, Sāvitri will not give up her husband’s life so easily…

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A Little Too Cozy (November 2020)

Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met? A Little Too Cozy re-imagines Mozart’s classical opera Così fan tutte as a binge-worthy series à la The Bachelor meets Love is Blind.

Meet our finalists: Greg and Frank on the gents’ side, and Felicity (#TeamFelicity) and Dora (#TeamDora) on the ladies’ side.

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From the Director’s Chair

From the Director’s Chair is a digital series where AtG Artistic Director Joel Ivany engages in meaningful conversations with multi-disciplinary creatives from around the world, and answers your questions LIVE. Returning for Season 2, AtG will be hosting even more inspiring visionaries on #AtGTV‘s From The Director’s Chair in 2021.

Season 2 Episodes

Season 1 Episodes