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Established in 2010, Against the Grain Theatre is an award-winning Canadian opera company committed to revitalizing the operatic art form by presenting an eclectic array of musical works in unconventional spaces and innovative ways. With a mandate to create and introduce audiences to outside-the-box opera experiences, we perform fresh, daring re-interpretations of classical repertoire in unconventional spaces to create a thrilling, intimate, unforgettable experience shared between our artists and audiences.

Our Approach

New Productions

Our mandate is to exhibit fresh, daring re-interpretations of classical repertoire while maintaining the highest level of artistic excellence. Although we translate and adapt works to engage our audiences, our ‘transladaptations’ remain congruent with the original libretto and music. We seek to represent the characters’ circumstances and environments as belonging to and speaking to Canadians and Canada and the issues we face today.

New Narratives

We commission original and highly relevant works, telling stories of those whom have been historically underrepresented in traditional opera companies.

New Venues

We perform in nontraditional (less expensive & less intimidating) venues, creating unforgettable, intimate experiences between our artists and audiences.

New Audiences

Our immersive theatre approach makes opera accessible to fresh, new audiences—thereby keeping the arts vibrant and youthful—while remaining exciting for seasoned opera buffs.

New Talent

We support the next generation of Canadian artists and artisans through our hiring, and educational initiatives. We commission new works, we engage with young artists, and we mandate to create with authenticity, diversity, and excellence.