May 12—21, 2016

Completing our trio of Mozart “transladaptations,” this inventive update of Così fan tutte, with a new English libretto by Joel Ivany, presents the comedy of manners as a modern-day wedding reality TV show in CBC Toronto’s Studio 42.

You’re invited to join our studio audience for a live taping of A Little Too Cozy, where you’ll witness the final episode of the reality show that asks its contestants: “Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?” As the episode kicks off, Cozy‘s final four contestants — Dora, Elmo, Fernando and Felicity — have found their match but, as expected, there’s always a catch.

A Little Too Cozy was workshopped at The Banff Centre in July 2015 as part of the program “Open Space: Opera in the 21st Century” before making its Toronto debut this May 2016.

Sung in English. The performance is 2.5 hours including a 30-minute intermission.

Video by Andrew Martin-Smith (@halfinchdfilms) | Photos courtesy of Don Lee


May 12–21, 2016 at CBC Toronto, Studio 42

July 24–26, 2015 at the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts



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“Against the Grain lives up to its name with sassy English-language take on Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte.”

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“In a tech-positive affront on the fourth wall, the AtG encouraged the audience in the studio to tweet (suggested hashtags get repeated and flashed on screens) and take photos. As far as I know, this invitation to engage on social media during the performance is a precedent in Toronto, and a very positive one.”

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“We modern opera-goers got to feel like the original audiences to all the classics of the opera repertoire: We heard a libretto that was written for us and our times – that was funny, clever, pointed, meaningful.”

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“The singing is given its full due by well-cast artists who give evidence of being on the cusp of serious careers.”

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“Mokrzewski says, “These Mozart adaptations are statements of love for Joel and me, using a different lens to look at Mozart classics. They’re acts of love, not sacrilege.””

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“Sung in English laced with slang and technical references, the “transladaptation” moves the comedy of manners from 18th-century Naples to a modern-day wedding reality TV show in CBC Toronto’s Studio 42.”

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“It all makes perfect sense, this interpretation… All you have to do is look up a plot summary of Così fan tutte to see that it’s a hilarious farce no less ridiculous in its bones than The Bachelorette.”

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Toronto Cast

Cairan Ryan (Baritone)

Donald L. Fonzo, Cozy show host

Caitlin Wood (Soprano)

Despina, Cozy talent relations

Shantelle Przybylo (Soprano)

Felicity, ad agency accountant

Rihab Chaieb (Mezzo-soprano)

Dora, social media strategist

Aaron Sheppard (Tenor)

Fernando, day trader

Clarence Frazer (Baritone)

Elmo, market analyst

Creative Team

Joel Ivany

Stage Director

Topher Mokrzewski

Music Director

Jason Hand

Lighting Designer

Snezana Pesic

Set and Costume Designer