Arnab Chakrabarty

One of the front-ranking sarod artists of the current generation, Arnab Chakrabarty (b. 1980) is a consummate performer and teacher of Hindustani (North Indian classical) instrumental music. Well known for his fine articulation of musical phrases, prodigious imagination, and fidelity to canonical raga forms, Chakrabarty is one of very few Hindustani musicians today who embody commitment to protecting and advancing the art form.

Arnab has had his training under three major representatives of the Shahjahanpur Gharana of sarod music, Dr Kalyan Mukherjea, Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta and Ustad Irfan Muhammad Khan. He has also benefited from vocal training under the late maestro of the Gwalior Gharana, Pandit Yeshwantbua Joshi.

A student of music for over 35 years, Arnab Chakrabarty has been a professional musician for two decades, appearing at over 850 public concerts in 33 countries. His performances have taken him to almost every important music festival in India and dozens in Europe and the United States, including the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Silk Road Festival (Damascus) and Trafo House of
Contemporary Culture (Budapest).

He is also a recipient of the Toronto Arts Council Music and Audio recording grant for 2020, with a commission to record a new album featuring a few of his own classical compositions in three ragas.

Chakrabarty is a prolific teacher and some of his students are now beginning to make their mark on the concert stage.